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Book of Dead Mobile

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Just what lies at an arm’s reach? Cash and lots of it, that’s what.


Book of Dead Mobile is one of developer Play N Go’s finest works to date. The experiences on these reels move incredibly fast, some would argue too fast although these are the types of people who don’t truly understand the importance of spinning in this slot. We would recommend going out and watching Indiana Jones before playing this slot. The reason for this is simple, Book of Dead mobile is a slot that is clearly inspired from action adventure movies such as Indiana Jones. This slot is oddly similar to the Book Of Ra slot, in how it is presented and felt, although there are occasions where it shines on its own without any outside influence.

If you didn’t know already, this is an Egypt themed slot, a theme that has been done again and again and is getting quite tiresome to be honest. Although this slot tends to move in the opposite direction, creating intrigue from outta nowhere with each and every spin. This is a 5 reel by 10 pay-line slot, which makes it one of the easier slots to get accustom too in a theme that is overly-saturated. If the title wasn’t clear enough, this is a mobile-optimised kind of slot, the kind that allows you to play anywhere and at any time. A jackpot of around 250,000 coins give players something to fight for, and the additional features work well in creating some fun along the way. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below to see if anything stands out to you.

Expectation vs Reality

Mobile slots tend to be quite poor compared to their desktop counterparts, which is what makes this slot actually quite enjoyable. Don’t go into this expecting the exact same experience to that of the desktop version, that just isn’t possible with current mobile tech. But what you can hope for is this slot to come through with some of the most rewarding spins possible on some of the lowest number of spins imaginable. We would advise that you get comfortable with this slot by having a few practice spins, this will help you get a lay of the land, and will also see you to have more confidence in the spins that follow.

About the Game

The first thing that most avid slot players will notice is the attention to detail that has been put in by the developer. This mobile slot has been perfectly crafted from the ground up, in order to create that feeling of adventure that you know you crave. Historic columns will hold up the reels in a way that is accurate to the slots chosen theme. The reels barely shake or shudder with lag during spins, which is actually something that happens quite a lot in these mobile slots. The colours also do a great job in showcasing the theme of this slot, although they can look a little distracting whenever they are lined up with some of the other visuals. There is a constant hint of mystery to this slot, the kind that you would only find within this industry, and in a slot the calibre of Book of Dead Mobile.

The reels themselves are full of various different symbols, each symbol obviously equalling something different when it comes to scores. There are a mix of low and high value symbols in this slot that all add something different when placed into different winning combinations. We would recommend that you choose a specific symbol that you will target before going for that, as choosing favourites will help you to accumulate the highest scores possible. Playing card symbols are this slots low value symbols, and will add small wins in between the bigger ones that are attached to higher scoring symbols such as the portraits of Osiris and Anubis.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Additional features in slots such as these are all quite varied and distinct. Each of these symbols impact gameplay in some way or other. You will find that some of your spins will activate these features without you even knowing, which is great as it will constantly keep your scores going up. Mobile slots tend to keep the additional features on the low, although here Play N Go have obviously ignored that ruling.

WILD: Ironic that the wild symbol in this slot is also the scatter. Simply match the games logo and you will cause the reels to jump, and you will also see free games added to your list of options. Matching 3 or more of this symbol will cause a re-spin, which will only help your scores.

JACKPOT: Match 5 of a very distinct symbol, and you will have earned yourself the jackpot for this slot. It’s not in every spin that these symbols appear, so you might have to pace yourself.

Hit or Miss?

Book of Dead Mobile is everything you could ever want in a slot, and we personally love it. The accessibility of this slot is something to get extremely excited about, and we can’t help but want to play some other Play N Go slots as a result. If you are yet to experience the fun of Book of Dead Mobile then what are you waiting for? Play now.

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