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Online Jackpots

Westerners, the chances for you to hit the jackpot have never been greater. Here on Cozino we have an exceptional range of progressive jackpot games available at your very fingertips. Online slot games tend to take all the credit in the world of gambling late and it’s fair to say they have certainly inspired the collection of jackpots we have in our catalogue of casino games.

The incredible diversity that comes with slot games here on Cozino is no different to that of our jackpots section, so for all of you slot lovers, don’t be surprised when you see many of your favourite online slots transformed into high quality jackpots with unbelievable cash cash prizes to be won.

Just like the rest of our casino games, jackpots are produced by our partnered leading developers in which they have modified many of their popular slot games into jackpot versions, so for those who are obsessed with the possibility of winning amazingly high jackpots but also love the simplicity of slot reels, you really are in the right corner of the saloon.

How to Play Online Jackpots

For those who are familiar with online slot games shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to online jackpots, the only difference between the two is that in basic slot games you aren’t playing for a total jackpot prize at the end of the game. In Jackpot games the aim is to play in order to increase the pot prize in which you could potentially win, though as much as you play, this is never guaranteed.

The real difference between the two is based on how eager are you to win the bigger cashpot prizes? Slots can offer players high winnings but triggering a huge jackpot really isn’t like anything else in online casino, it’s the ultimate of reward. Of course, in the gambling industry, huge rewards don’t come without great difficulty! The chances of hitting a million pound jackpot really are slim, but winning hundreds and thousands certainly is possible.

If you are one of those players who wants a crack at the big boys, progressive jackpots are most definitely the way to go. Progressive jackpots subtract a small part of each wager that is put towards the end game jackpot. This continues to increase until a lucky players wins it! These massive progressives aren’t available on all games, it’s normally required that you stake a certain amount in order for you to qualify for them.

Tips for Jackpots Online

As everyone knows just how difficult it is to win the big jackpots, it’s only fair to provide our best tips and insights on how to approach these sorts of games. With a lot generally riding on luck, it’s always important to approach these jackpot games in the correct manner to ensure you have done everything in your power to sway the odds in your favour.

  • Play Big Jackpots: This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but you’d be surprised of how many people fail to do their research and just go and select any old jackpot game. It’s important to hunt out the biggest and best, especially the jackpots that haven’t paid out in a while, this will increase your chances significantly. Remember, the odds of hitting the winning combination remain the same.
  • Play High RTP Jackpots: Again, this may come across as a little obvious, however this is very, very important. To ensure that you are strategically giving yourself the best chance of winning, picking a game with a high return to player percentage is obviously going to boost the probability of your success dramatically.
  • Take advantage of bonuses: Be sure to use any bonus features that arise in the game such as free spins, by doing this you’re always aiming to enhance your cash score. Research the top games that provide the best features, this way it gives you a better chance of accessing the higher cash prizes and bigger jackpots.
  • Manage your deposits: As jackpot games require a lot of patience, players need to be realistic and use the games as a source of entertainment and not as a long short avenue to make a few thousand quid. Understand your goals and what you hope to get out of our jackpot games, only put into the jackpot what you hope to get out. Know your limits, the more you enjoy and are responsible with the games, the better chance you have of winning as you’ll be comfortable playing them more often.

The History of The Jackpot

Back in the 1870’s the word ‘jackpot’ was being used in association with the poker game, ‘jacks or better.’ In order to win players need to have 3 of a kind or greater, those who don’t meet this are unable to win. If nobody has this, everyone loses in the round. The hand then gets re-dealt, this then see’s the pot’s sum increase significantly over time, which lead to giving it the name ‘jackpot.’

Years after the term jackpot became a prominent used word, the word was beginning to be used as a slang saying for going against and being in trouble with laws. By mid 20th century, it began to be associated with the famous line ‘hit the jackpot.’ This saw the name grow throughout the gambling industry even more and this saying was regularly used in casino’s and still is today.

In the modern day lottery jackpots tend to be the more popular jackpot games, in the United States, Mega Millions and Powerball are widely regarded as the leading jackpot games to take part in, both being the most popular by a stretch. The Powerball jackpot is renowned as being the game responsible for the biggest jackpot won of all time, back in January 2013, a 1.6 billion pot was won across three players. Today it still stands as the highest ever jackpot to be won on all levels of gambling.